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Employees, individually and collectively, contribute to the achievement of the company’s business objectives. In the classic definition, human resource management is the strategic approach to the management of these most valued assets of any organization.

Human resource management involves a full spectrum of activities from HR marketing, hiring, training, developing, specialists deployment, to out-placing. The key to the determination of your company's human resource requirements is deciding, depending on the complexity of your operation, what your staffing needs are in this foreign market and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to meet those needs. Once that critical requirement is established, the goal of human resource management is to recruit and train the best employees, ensure a high standard of performance from those employees, deal with any performance-related issues, and ensure that your personnel and management practices conform to applicable Indonesian labor laws and regulations.

We will guide you through the process of managing your approach to your expatriate and Indonesian workforces' employee records, employee benefits, compensation issues, and overall personnel policies. We have a rich history of generating employee manuals specifically tailored to Indonesia.

Human resource management in Indonesia is evolving rapidly. At Ganesha, we apply both theory and practice in managing your workforce. The theoretical science of human resource management would be far less complex if the work capacities and complications of each area in the world were equal. As we all know, they are not. Therefore, the theory that Ganesha can provide your company, as it has already done for several others (please visit the testimonials tab as well as the resumes of our founders), is a mathematical representation of the overall workload requirements as they relate to the capacities of the decided workforce as a whole. We can then determine specific capacities and needs by region and help direct the appropriate staff to the appropriate locations to fill the needs of the organization in synch with the goals and needs of the workforce.

The practical application of the above human resource management strategy involves the technical implementation of the theory. All assessment, skills, training, induction, orientation, planning, administration, compensation, travel, and performance management are part of the full service package that Ganesha can offer to fulfill all your human resource management requirements.



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