We have had six successful years of partnership with our special Client in Jakarta from October 2000 to August 2006. During this period, we supported our Client with almost all aspects of its business operation. Our coverage included recruitment, staffing, supplies, logistics and operation in remote areas, and disaster response in the aftermath of the tsunami in Aceh.

Our role during those six years was to support all activities in the departments of parasitology, immunology, virology, entomology, and other departments in the field of hiring, staffing, administering, and out-placing, as well as supporting logistics in remote areas, and providing a qualified crew for their research boats. PTG employed a certified Indonesian Medical Professional and a remote location Public Health Program Manager as its primary Contract Supervisors, who together had over 60 years of experience in the Indonesian public health sector throughout the archipelago. On a daily basis, PTG's management and staff are not only working with Client's Department Heads, but listening to them and responding to their needs. PTG's Managers are either American or American-trained Indonesian Nationals who are familiar with American standards of professionalism and the FAR. New employees are carefully screened and recruited, their credentials are verified and they are trained in the Client's Research Protocols prior to engaging in actual medical research activities.

PTG's experience with our Client has taught us that such close coordination with its Department Heads is essential to understand the Client’s changing daily needs and to satisfy each Department's requirements for services. To avoid unauthorized commitments or acts deemed to be contrary to the FAR, we exercise great caution so that such acts do not occur under the terms of the contract.





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