PTG was established in 1990, at the Rudder Tower, Texas A&M University between two graduate students Mike McGowan and Sigit Mursidi. PTG has seen the ups and downs of the world’s economy. From the hysteria and demise of the boom, ENRON, the globalization mantra of the late 1990s and the feverish M&As that ensued, to the overheated world of US$140/barrel oil. From Alan Greenspan’s “irrational exuberance” description of the sub-prime housing bubble prior to the black September of 2008, to the world post 2020

Leading up to his doctorate studies, Mike McGowan worked in Indonesia at Asamera, Conoco, Unocal Geothermal and General Motors arranging and implementing full-scale training and development programs. Mike saw the opportunity to help such companies to help themselves on this front. So, after obtaining his PhD., he returned to Jakarta with a vision of, together with his class-mate Sigit, establishing a one-stop HR consulting company. Despite the odds, PTG thrived and grew from a humble start-up to where they won a 6-year-contract with the USN from 2000-2006. Sadly, Mike McGowan passed away at the end of December, 2006, 16 years after PTG was first established.

At this point, Sigit Mursidi quit his job in Stuttgart, Germany, and returned to Indonesia to continue work with PTG. Over the years Sigit has been fortunate enough to work in the areas of corporate HR & expatriate management, as well as business services and operations in several multinationals (General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Daimler AG) in Indonesia and Germany. His international exposure covers Italy, Germany and the USA. Severely shorthanded, in 2008 he marshalled all PTG in-house resources, and asked Matt McGowan (Mike’s son) to share the core management responsibilities of PTG and act as the President Commissioner.

Matt McGowan is an established professional manager who paved his career in the field of project management, production, sales and marketing and construction management in the housing and solar energy sector. Prior to moving to Indonesia, Matt was the Vice President Sales & Operations, Harvest Solar Inc., Tampa, Florida. Before that Matt was Vice President of Lexington Homes, Port Richey, FL. Matt’s strong managerial resource has strengthened PTG since 2008.

After over 30 years, PTG has made its mark in varied fields such as geothermal drilling, training and operations, medical research, public diplomacy, and restructuring in the manufacturing sector. To cover our spread, our headcount now stands at around 60, this number varying depending on need. PTG always prefers to that it work face-to-face with key personnel in order to improve or devise new, alternative operational practices. PTG insists on working with clarity, transparency and unquestionable integrity. We do not have a subsidiary, branch, or sister company; nor do we desire to have one.