PTG was established in 1990 at Texas A&M University between two graduate students, Mike McGowan and Sigit Mursidi. Leading up to his doctorate studies, Mike McGowan worked in Indonesia at Asamera, Conoco, Unocal Geothermal and General Motors arranging and implementing full-scale training and development programs. Mike saw the opportunity to help such companies to help themselves on this front. So, after obtaining his PhD., he returned to Jakarta with Sigit and a shared vision of establishing a one-stop HR consulting company.  For ten years the partners won only small contracts sufficient to barely keep them afloat, but eventually PTG thrived and grew from that humble start-up to where they won a 6-year-contract with the United States Navy from 2000-2006.  Prosperity and success was dampened when Mike McGowan sadly passed away at the end of December, 2006, 16 years after PTG was first established. Company ownership was then split between Sigit, and Mike’s two children and widow.  

At this point, Sigit Mursidi quit his job as a Senior HR Manager for Mercedes in Stuttgart, Germany, and returned to Indonesia to resume command of the daily operations of PTG.  Over the years Sigit has been fortunate enough to work in the areas of corporate HR & expatriate management, as well as business services and operations in several multinationals (General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Daimler AG) in both Indonesia and Germany. His collegiate education covers Indonesia, Italy, and the USA.  As such, he is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Java, Italian, German, and English.  He is the Director of PTG, and one of the most highly regarded HR professionals in Indonesia.  

When a huge opportunity arose to create, build and manage a cultural center for the US Government,  Sigit marshaled all PTG in-house resources, and asked Matt McGowan (Mike’s son and now part owner of PTG) to share the core management responsibilities of PTG and act as the President Commissioner.  Matt’s history of leadership and project management were desperately needed during the building phases of the project, which PTG named @america. In addition to his responsibilities at PTG, Matt took on the role of Home Office Project Administrator for @america, wherein he acted as the lead liaison between the Department of State and the goals of the project. PTG won that contract and two follow-on contracts totaling 12 years.

Matt McGowan’s career prior to coming to Indonesia was paved in the field of residential and commercial construction.  He excelled in sales and marketing, construction management, and site development in the housing and solar energy sectors.  Prior to moving to Indonesia, Matt was the Vice President of Harvest Solar Inc in Tampa, FL, and the Vice President of Lexington Homes in Port Richey, FL, after having earned his stripes in various levels of management for NVR Homes, Inc..  

After over 32 years, PTG continues to make its mark in varied fields such as geothermal drilling, training and operations, medical research, public diplomacy, and restructuring in the manufacturing sector.  Our current headcount stands at around 60 employees, this number varies depending on need.  PTG will always provide honest, face-to-face appraisals of whatever situations arise with key personnel in order to improve or devise new, alternative operational practices to benefit our clients.  PTG insists on working with clarity, transparency and unquestionable integrity.  We do not have a subsidiary, branch, or sister company; nor do we desire to have one.


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