In the aftermath of Enron’s demise, the FCPA that was initiated in the USA in the early '70s has been followed in the early 2000s by more stringent regulations.  The business world came to the realization that improvement in corporate governance is mandatory for its survival.   As a result, we saw the worldwide enactment of many compliance regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley,  CLERP 9 (Corporate Law Economic Reform Program), CoBIT  (Control Objective for Information Technology), COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organization), and so on.

Operating in Indonesia certainly adds to the complexity of your compliance and governance tasks.  We have seen enough examples in the past of the severe impact to a company’s credibility that cases of compliance and governance like these [a], [b], [c] can create.  These effects could, and should, be avoided by if the management shows a strong will to establish and to implement the appropriate control set and system that encompasses all company activities.  Fortunately, the Indonesian government itself is showing a strong political will also to achieve good governance [a].

With Ganesha as your compliance and governance partner, you can meet your compliance obligations in jurisdictions around the country and around the world with confidence, flexibility and efficiency. We will assist you with analyzing the exposure of your operation, identifying and establishing the control set, developing control procedures, testing the system and setting up a monitoring mechanism.

Ganesha’s experience will give you proven ways to accomplish vital compliance and governance tasks. Combined with Ganesha's renowned team, you will have the most powerful compliance resource in the industry.



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