Air taxi in Jakarta. This is a great way to beat the snarling traffic, you don't have to purchase the helicopter yourselves.

At a reasonable per-hour fare price you could get the transport you need and at the same time increase usage of the high investment on the machine.

This idea, also known as shared services, started in the ‘80s, and many companies have benefited from it. If efficiency and economy of scale concern you, Ganesha offers a full range of services for your human resource administration requirements. Our HR Administration services include taking care of your human resource accounting, payroll, benefits, taxes, and required work visas (when applicable). We can also provide these same services for your internal employees as an outsourced partner. We have over 18 years of experience with Indonesian tax and labor law requirements, and are able to maintain these records in-country as required. If compliance and good corporate governance in administration are high among your priorities, you may want to contact us. We are familiar with compliance requirements such as USGAAP, ICFR, Indonesian GAAP, FCPA, SOX, or, on the government side, KEPPRES 7/2007, FARs, and D-FARs.

We invite you to view the testimonials of our past and current clients. We fully acknowledge that specialists deployment is a sensitive matter because it requires a level of trust which you may be reluctant to invest initially in an unknown future partner. We are more than willing to put you in contact with anyone we have ever done business with so that you can see for yourself that our reputation is based not just on our words, but on our actions.



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