Pull when in emergency; a sign on the RED Tourist bus in Amsterdam 2008. Certainly, we would rather avoid any emergency situation by calculating all risks.

Since the 1950s the field of management has fed us with many fads that often elicit more skepticism than faith.  Looking back over the past 50 years, we are amazed what we have come through.  Do these phrases seem familiar?

(‘50’s): MBO - Management Science - Decision Tree Theory X&Y Plan-Organize-Direct-Control Human Relations
(‘60s): Managerial Grid - Matrix - Hygiene and Motivation -Theory Z, Organizational Renewal -Value Chain -Portfolio Management
(‘70s): Work Simplification -Needs Hierarchy –SPC Quality Circles -Diversification -One Minute Managing; Intrapreneuring -Relationship Marketing –Excellence
(‘80s): Corporate Culture -Change Management –MBWA Kaizen -Empowerment -Continuous Improvement, Downsizing -Customer Service –Benchmarking, TQM- Re-engineering -7 Habits
(‘90s): Delayering - Right Sizing - Balance Scorecard- EVA
(2000s): Intellectual Capital - Learning Organization – specialists deployment, e-Business

We define the term management consulting as the practice of helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.  An organization would engage a management consultant for a variety of reasons, for example to gain some external advice, or the specialized expertise of the consulting firm at no long-term cost.
At Ganesha, we keep it simple.  We identify the problem areas and we propose solutions, and we deliver results.  Far from merely bandying the most currently fashionable buzz-words in management consultancy, we deliver solutions fitted to our Clients’ needs in doing business in Indonesia.  We have provided management consulting services to satisfied clients operating in many diverse fields such as oil and gas, automotive, geothermal energy, medical research, international schools, government, and law.
Part of the reason for our success with management consulting services is that we feature a facilitative approach, where the management consultant focuses less on specific technical knowledge (although we do provide technical experts if that is the company’s need) and more on the process itself.  When the process is truly refined, the financial rewards of a partnership with a management consultant are dramatic. 

Ganesha abides by our self-imposed code of ethics which is derived from the IMC USA .





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