Initially founded in 1990 to help companies in the development of organizational systems in Indonesia, PT Ganesha Aggies Jaya (“PTG”)has over twenty-year experience of successfully serving the Indonesian industries in many sectors, including multinational corporations, governments, and other foreign direct investment (FDI) companies since.

We understood the fundamental need to obtain the right employees in time. On the other hand, Employees' interests and the statutory law have to be complied; especially in an emerging economy like Indonesia where the Labor Law could be quite stringent in protecting workers' rights.

We used the Indonesian Law No. 13/ 2003 and use it to implemented HR compliance and corporate governance.  We have proven that doing so is mutually beneficial to the employees and to the corporation.  We at Ganesha always put compliance to the Indonesian Labor Law as our first priority. We always take internal employees development as the first priority.  However, when specialists deployment is needed, we would only suggest doing it in the full compliance of the law.


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